Mark Cooke Racing

a private non profit enthusiast racing platform


About Mark Cooke Racing

Mark Cooke Racing is a private non profit enthusiast racing platform, we are in the business of the restoration, building and locating of historic racing cars, we undertake projects on a case by case basis only . We also look for partners in existing cars that are currently owned where costs and ownership can be shared, so full enjoyment can be enjoyed at the best events in the most economical way. Mark Cooke Racing recognizes that historic racing and rallying is expensive and we keep this in mind in every project and services we undertake and provide. We are Racing specialist in the race preparation and development of sports and racing cars from the 50’s through 60’s, for both circuit racing and rally use including long distance events such as the Millie Miglia and Carrera Panamaricana ; as well as the maintenance and upgrading of classic road cars.

Our services

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