About Us



This is an event we always have co drivers wishing to share in the cost and co drive .



We always attempt to have at least one car running at this event if possible we can also locate and prepare eligible machinery.



This is an event we have first hand experience , very demanding but an experience of a life time .

We have been operating in the USA and United Kingdom as a private team for the last decade , with have participated in very major event from the Carrera Panamericana to the Goodwood Revival , we understand what is required to undertake a project and complete it in an economical fashion . We do not look to make a profit merely cover our overheads. We have our own transportation in the United Kingdom for motor events .As a experienced organization our ambition is to become the finest race preparation service possible through meticulous car preparation and first class customer service.

To us, successful race preparation is not just about precision engineering, but also precision project management.

The engineering genius behind the company comes from ex engineers who worked for the actual construction companies in period we have access to engineers who worked for such entities as John Surtees when he was constructing his own formula one cars, our fabricators are top of the line and get work done economically and in a timely fashion.

Project management is provided by myself, I am in the financial services industry and this is my main hobby which I share with some other dedicated enthusiast, we treat ourselves as a dedicated partnership to get our vehicles road and race worthy for each season. We also let our and partners cars work for   a living by providing them for film work, advertising shots etc in order to assist with the running of the cars. All revenue is put back into the maintenance of the vehicles and storage etc .

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